Thursday, October 7, 2010

I'm back but I'm not happy

I went to see this monkey punk band called Boo! last night, but the night was a total disaster. Not only were there little or even – I suspect – no monkeys in the band, but when I went to the toilet DW had given the guy at the table next to us a bite of my hot chocolate pudding. I came back and it had "stranger cooties". And then the guy BITCHED about it. He BITCHED about MY stolen hot chocolate pudding and its sweet goodness. Not only did I not get to FINISH my own hot chocolate pudding with its delicious drippy centre, I had to hear that it was “too sweet” for two hours afterwards. It’s not like he paid for it. Or ordered it.

These monkey punk events aren’t the refined cultural get-togethers they used to be.

Anyway here's a picture DW took but it came out crappy so it just looks like I'm a death punk sex dungeon again and I'm not even in it. Proving that not only can he not be trusted with my pudding, he also sucks at capturing important family memories.

The world has become a cruel place, children.


  1. I'm still upset at DW for inheriting the blog. But this? THIS is too much. That was totally your chocolate pudding. I'm disturbed.


  2. Still alive and in one piece. Doing my usual while running a 102 temp. Will be online when I'm feeling better.

  3. what memories has he failed to capture effectively?
    MS paint response????

  4. Who does that? Eat food from someone else's plate? Someone that is not even in the room! My plate is my kingdom... you come near it you better be packin' heat