Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Why you don't sing campfire songs in the military

Conversations with SuperDave.

ESSIE: “What did you eat in the army?”

SD: “It depends if I was in the bush or at base.”

ESSIE: “Is being in the bush like camping?”

SD: “Exactly like camping, but with hostiles shooting at you.”

ESSIE: “Did you fry marshmellows and swop stories and sing songs around the campfire?”

SD: “Initially we did. But then whoever played the guitar kept getting killed, so we stopped.”

ESSIE (sympathetic): “We lost a lotta good men that way.”

SD: “It took three guys getting killed before we figured out that the singing and guitar-playing and fire was blowing our cover.”

ESSIE: “Army sounds like fun. Do that thing where you kill someone just by putting your two fingers on the pressure point.”

SD: “No.”

Having a soldier-friend is totally overrated.


  1. "Ging gang gooly gooly gooly it's a monster-"




  2. Oh my God. I think I might fall in love with SuperDave. Please tell me he isn't a fictional character. Lol.

    Seriously, funny. funny. funny stuff.

  3. I used to eat my roommates MRE's (Meals ready to eat) that he got from the army ROTC. Then he told me that they are usually like 2000 calories each haha.

  4. I am not fictonal! I have matter and I do occupy space in this world! - SD