Monday, November 8, 2010, just no.

So I was trying to figure out what this rash is  doing medical research for my job and found this "yahoo answers" site for people who want medical advice. These people DESPERATELY need to go to the doctor, but they just don't. Instead they ask advice from The Internet, which is never a good idea and also exactly how I ended up throwing hot olive oil down my ear last year when I had mono and why my friend Dee ended up washing her hair with mayonaise before her prom. (Conclusion: an evil salad dressing conglomorate is behind WebMD.)

Some of the stuff on there is pretty wicked.

Dear Schwinn Bike,

No, you cannot get sick from doing this. But the rest of us just did.


  1. Yahoo answers is the best place to corrupt the future generation, have you looked at the pregnancy section? Its hilarious how pathetically dumb these people are, and really really sad that that is what's growing up a few years behind us.

  2. It's funny because when I got my tattoo I was given a card with aftercare instructions. One of the tips was to not listen to friends or the internet and to just call them with questions. When the scab started to flake off it looked like my tattoo was just barely there. But instead of calling them (and feeling like an idiot) I took to the internet! In this case, the internet was right and my tattoo did eventually re-appear. But yes, serious medical advice should not be taken from the internet.

    My friend told me the best story - her friend was drunk and stepped on a nail. Instead of going to the hospital right away, they called TeleHealth - which is a toll free number to call if you have health concerns. In this case the telehealth person told them to go to a hospital.

  3. If you are ever feeling a bit strange, not quite normal; visit Yahoo answers. Reading what the freak-shows get up to will make you feel normal in no time.

  4. Double you tee eff.

    I mean, seriously? I can't... Why the Hell do people even think that's a good thing to do. I think I'm gonna throw up now. Ew, just plain ew.

  5. Haha!

    I had an issue with my women's problem once, and AFTER I made an appointment with my doctor, I thought I could assuage my fears by checking around online... you know, breathe easier waiting for the Monday morning to come.

    I did not assuage my fears. Yahoo answers confirmed that I had cancer and several other scary, scary infections. Although, it was absolutely nothing in comparison to the absolutely scary s*** that other women were experiencing.

    Turns out it was nothing... stupid Yahoo.

  6. For all medical queries, contact Dr. Dave... I have a PHD (Permanently Hard D...) LOL!!! - SD