Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day

So far the day has been surprisingly unsucky...I received roses and a card, a chocolate heart and a depressed looking teddybear impaled on a plastic rose. (That last one was a gift from the receptionist, who wanted to do my astrological chart this morning. I would have totally let her do it but I want to work her for at least three months before letting them all know how strange I am.)
Managed to move in over the weekend with the help of SuperDave. Actually, he didn't so much "help" me as "totally do the whole thing while I slept." (He tried piling boxes on top of me in protest, but I didn't wake up for that. But that explains why I've been having weird dreams about being a hobo.) I even managed to de-virus my computer but now it keeps bringing up this weird pop-up asking me "Do you want more privacy?" which makes me suspect that the computer suspects I am viewing copious amounts of porn at work. And that it's judging me.

If your Valentine's Day is more sucky, here's a lovely vintage card for you which proves that gay people have been around since the 20s:

Yes. Nothings says I love you like a fat cop waving a dildo threatening to cop a feel. Happy Valentine's Day!


  1. That sounds like every time I've moved. I always find something to do once the heavy lifting starts. Congrats on sleeping through it!

  2. I have this thing I do when I forced to do heavy lifting, and it's "make ugly faces and a lot of noise so people think I'm putting in effort." Works like a charm when you can't sleep through it.