Monday, December 6, 2010

Military people have no sense of humor

I was watching the A-team movie with SuperDave and this soldier was in it and he had the COOLEST jacket-thing on with different pockets and zippy-compartments and Velcro straps. It was magical. It looked like this:

ME: "That's awesome. I've got to get that."

SD: "That's a combat jacket."

ME: "Just think. I won't have to lug around a purse anymore...I could put my wallet, my lipsticks, my mirror, my drivers, cards, everything in it..."

SD: "Uh, we just used it to carry magazines."

ME: "Oooh, yes, and you could carry magazines in it!"

SD: (long pause) "Wait...did you just actually think I was referring to Cosmo or something?"

ME: "No. I'm not an IDIOT, DAVE."

(For the record, I totally did.)


  1. haha! My husband thought this was funny!

  2. Those vests will also come in handy during the Zombie Apocalypse. Just sayin'... and he totally meant Cosmo. He knows he reads it... :p