Wednesday, December 1, 2010

I've been looking for that sweater!!!

My former colleague Rene put this weird photo of her baby, Mieke, up on Facebook. Apparently Mieke has taken a liking to putting her toys in the trash. Either because Rene is buying her crappy toys or because she's a minimalist. Either way it's called a power struggle. And you are losing, Rene.

Anyway let's play analyse the photo. Is she:

1) casting a circle of magic protection over the trashcan so that the evil elves that have been emerging would stop stealing her socks and stuffed animals?

2) sanctifying the trashcan against possible future demon possession?

3) trying to make the trash can come closer using the power of her mind?

4) being a 2 year old

5) merely trying to communicate "No photos, please" to her clueless parents?

I hope I have weird kids someday. Oh, and I also found this on Facebook:

I'd analyse it, but that's really a very good shrink's job.


  1. can this be a poop face? My poop face looks similar.

  2. I'm casting my vote for Mieke being a future telekinetic. She has a certain "Carrie" charm about her...

    Let's hope no one dumps pig's blood on her at her prom. That would spell certain doom.