Saturday, August 7, 2010

DW is evil

DW went hunting and killed a doe. Please don't think any less of me for marrying this evil, evil man. He says that the farmer told him to because the animals are overpopulating the land and starving and so they had to cull them as much as possible.

I don't care what he says. This is how I interpret the situation.

I would give you all his address so you could burn his house down, but it's also my house. So don't.


  1. Ew, are its eyes still open? That is so creepy looking...

    Thanks for the dreams tonight!

  2. Aww..poor bambi :(

    Is that a springbok??

    I'm pretty sure SA is the only country that regularily hunts and eats its national animal..haha! Well, I guess we (in Canada) use to with our beaver pelts..but I've never known anyone in recent generations to hunt a beaver..or put it on a menu..haha! Although once someone brought us a dead canada goose and told us we should BBQ it..hahah...randoooooooooooom.

    Despite being sad about this poor doe...I have to admit that I actually enjoyed eating springbok. Except then we were driving along and I saw them prancing about and then my tummy was like...uh oh...I just ate their friend. I suck.

  3. Totally agreed, I always see it as Bambi's mum!

  4. That picture is epic greatness.

  5. Wow that pictures is creepy!! Dont worry I am not an animal rights activist and the occassional killing of a doe doesnt bother me so your house is safe from me!!

  6. Deer meat is absolutely amazing tasting though...

  7. AWwWW.. i understand about the over population..

    but i admire ur hubby he can hunt???

    but im sad because I'm a fan of Bambi :(

  8. It's the constant video game playing that got him his "mad" hunting skills. Yep, that's springbuck, but that was shot in Namibia. For those of you who dont know Namibia, it's like that planet Luke Skywalker is from.

  9. Absolutely inexcusable unsportsmanlike and nothing to be proud of whatsoever.