Monday, August 23, 2010

Holy Shit! The Bloggess!!!

Guys. The motherfucking Bloggess left a comment on my blog. It saddens me to say that this was the highlight of my entire existance on this planet. I am never washing this blog again.

PS. Someone pointed out that I didn't draw my graph correctly, and that the whole thing makes no sense to anyone with fundamental knowledge of Math. I wanted to draw another graph about that, but could only come up with this:


  1. Your resulting graph is a fabulous response. Congrats on a real live Bloggess comment!!

  2. Fuck math is right. I'm going to have to google this Bloggess stuff, but CONGRATULATIONS!!! anyway because it seems like that's the right response.

    *shiftily looks away from cue card*

  3. Ha! I love your graphs. They make sense to me. Especially the second one.