Wednesday, August 11, 2010

The Many Faces of Essie

I've been watching 3 seasons of America's Next Top Model in a row thinking about the many faces I have and what they say. I'm going to post them here because I'm bored because I want you all to know the true me:
"You lured me in here with promises of ice cream, yet I suspect you don't have ice cream at all."

"I think you are infinitely cooler than I am. So I'm going to make my aloof face."

"God, get the boredom out of my head."

"I'm going to pretend to be fascinated by what you are saying so that you'll go out with me. Be prepared to see this face a lot."

"You quoted the Simpsons. Kudos."


"Hehehe, you farted!"

"I'm going to pretend I'm not noticing you speaking to me, so you'll go away."

You all know what I'm thinking here, right?

"I wanted more chocolate but then I remembered I ate it all."

"That cute guy is looking at me. Even though he is totally better looking than me and intimidates the shit out of me, I'm going to look right back on him and not embaress myself"

"I love you, cute guy."

"No, cute guy. Don't leave."

"You weren't that cute to begin with. And this guy SOOO doesn't have ice cream."

I'm not thinking anything here. I'm just drunk.


  1. "You quoted the Simpsons. Kudos" is my favorite.

  2. HAHA, love the drunk face! I have a bunch of those "staring off into the distance, but I'm not really thinking I'm just wasted" photos.

  3. I love that you had a mini photo shoot in your car. Did you feel like the papparazzi were after you?

  4. haha these were awesome

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  5. hahhahahaha you could be on theater.

    :) loved the captions of photos