Tuesday, August 17, 2010

It's Hug-a-Ginger Day!!!

It's Hug-a-Ginger Day...in honor of my red-headed family, I rocked up to work in ceremonial gear.

KAT: "What are you wearing?"

ESSIE: "It's a purda."

KAT: "A what?"

ESSIE: "It's a sacred Hindu ceremonial dress. It's very meaningful. Show some respect."

KAT: "Where did you get it?"

ESSIE: "I swopped my old rollerskates with some Indian chick for it ."

Some people have no sense of occasion.


  1. Fuck fuck fuck.

    The only ginger I'll see today is my co-worker. Who kind of smells like dirty diapers. And always breathes through his mouth.

    Can I skip until next year?

  2. I skyped with my ginger friend for two hours - I think that counts as a hug because she's in Japan and my arms don't stretch that far. I miss her. She's awesome.

  3. I looked up hug a ginger day, and it said it was in December. Oh well, I'm still waiting for someone to hug me today :)

  4. I see no Gingers today. Saw about 12 of them on Sunday though. Damn, if I would have known, I would have hugged them all early.