Wednesday, April 28, 2010

The first sign that your gene pool needs chlorine

I just got a frantic call at work from my husband, DW.

DW: Why the fuck isn't my computer working?

Essie: Oh, yeah, wait...remember when we had the power failure...?

DW: I don't want to know WHY it's not working, I want you to tell me how to switch it on!!

Essie: You don't have to yell at me. I was just telling you that last week when the power kept tripping...

DW (hysterical girly voice): This is exactly WHY I don't want you working on my stuff, you break how the hell am I supposed to fix this, I need...

Essie: I'm trying to explain to you...

DW: I have invoices! I have things to do! I've just wasted half an hour disassembling this thing because YOU have to...

Essie (screaming): IT'S UNPLUGGED MORON!!!

DW (hangs up)

How I love our little talks.

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