Thursday, April 22, 2010 think you can blog?

I've resisted the urge to blog for some time now, but seeing as how I have virtually no impulse control, it was bound to happen. Apparently you get blog consultants now, but you have to register your credit card to speak to them, and I can't remember the rand/dollar exchange rate so I figured I'd just ask a bunch of gay guys I met online and they asked me what a "Loch Ess Monster" was and I told them it's meant to be funny and they didn't get it because they go out and have fun on Saturdays and don't sit at home and compulsively look up weird shit on the internet.
Anyhow, I know the millions of you that follow my site will demand to see proof that the Loch Ess Monster does instead exist, so I've attempted to locate a grainy, out of focus picture as evidence. Google has not let me down and I discovered this thing online. It's either an odd-shaped cheeto or a weird Muppet vibrator of some kind.

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  1. I might just be proving my own nerdiness, but is the "Loch Ess" Monster meant to be a strange German play of words, or was that by accident?