Thursday, April 22, 2010

People to kill 2010

1. People who do put their indicators on when turning until the very last minute, causing my shitty car to make a screeching noise that makes me feel like I'm minutes away from death

2. Justin Bieber (whoever that is)

3. Recyclists who look at me in judgment when I buy loads of new plastic bags with my groceries and then throw them away

4. Marketing managers who make up words like "ayoba" and "yebo yes" and make us use them

5. Whale killers

6. The Jews (kidding!)

7. The 2010 soccer world cup mascot

8. Oprah's biographer

9. The old man that messes up the weather forecast on the 8 o'clock news

10. People walk really slowly in front of me at the mall

11. People who wear crocs

12. The cocky private trainer at the gym who yells at you and struts around the machines whom i hate but secretly sort of want to sleep with

13. Whoever used up the ink cartridge in my printer

14. The technical support staff at Telkom (IF they even exist)

15. The man that mows his lawn really loudly at 5 am on a Saturday


1. Everyone who referred to 2007 as "double oh double ooh ta-da-da-daaaa" (james bond theme). I haven't found them all yet.

2. The people who kept clogging up my inbox with Viagra ads

3. Robert Mugabe (world class ratbag)

4. Sarah Palin

5. People who forward 5 MB powerpoint heavy emails and the people who make them

DISCLAIMER: I'm not saying I'm actively gunning for these people. But they walked in front of my car I won't overexert myself when hitting the brakes.
In a related note, it saddens me that adding Justin Bieber to my "tags" will increase the number of hits I get on this blog.

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