Monday, July 5, 2010

You all follow me blindly anyway. Let's start a trend.

In an attempt to make this blog more relevant, I’ve come up with some new internet slang. Please use it immediately – even without context. That’s how trends get started. Also, I’ve decided we’re all wearing crocs again.

LSHIVOMD – I laughed so hard I vomited on my dog
DTAILSUIK – Do that again, I’ll stab you in the knee
Vidiot – People who obsessively talk about Playstation games like its real life
Famspam – The gazillion Farmville spam invitations you get sent on Facebook everyday
Induhvidual – Anyone who blindly follows the trend, collectively known as sheeple
IYDDIYWGRBGB – If you don’t do it, you will get raped by grizzly bears
TIFYK – Therapy isn’t free, y’know
CTIVONTZP – Can’t talk, I’m violating Oprah’s No Texting Zone Pledge
RUTH – Are ur Testicles Haunted?
IND, IIU – I’m not deaf, I’m Ignoring You

DW says none of these will work because they are too long. TYO, MOIIHYGT2SBRO. (That’s your opinon, my opinion is I hope you get torn to shreds by rabid owls).


  1. Haha this is funny! Love the Ruth one:-)

  2. RUTH is hands down my favorite. and you're going to have to tie me down and threaten my life to get me to wear crocs. Babies, however, can wear crocs. They look cute. also nurses.

  3. Hahaha, love it. My fave is vidiot.

  4. I like the first one. Probably because when I am super excited, I tend to ralph.

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