Thursday, May 27, 2010

Getting Indecently Proposed to

I watched this old movie on TV the other night - Indecent Proposal. It's about a couple who gets offered like a million dollars by Robert Redford if he could have sex with the guy's wife. This of course led to a discussion between me and my husband as to whether or not we would accept such a proposal. DW was keen on it, but then again I would probably have sex with Robert Redford for free. I think because his face reminds me of dried peaches. This was the discussion.

DW: "I'd say go for it. It's a million dollars. We could split it 50/50."
Essie: "That's unfair. I'd have to do all the hard work."
DW: "How is it hard work?"
Essie: "He's paying a million dollars. I can't just lie there and flip through a magazine like I do at home. He's going to want his money's worth."

But I suppose it doesn't matter. I'm not exactly sure who would pay for the privilege. The only remotely rich person in this country is Raymond Ackermann, but I'm sure he doesn't troll for booty anymore and there is nothing peachy about his face. And I would probably have sex with him for free, too, because let's face it: millions and millions of dollars tends to do that. Gerri Hall said she married Mick Jagger because he was the sexiest man on the planet, and his face has actually been surgically assembled from peaches. And heroin.

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