Tuesday, May 11, 2010

My Ouma (gran)

My grandma just turned 85. I gave her a call to see how she's doing and if there are any words of wisdom she has for me.

Essie: "Hey Ouma."

Ouma: "Hallo, how are you?"

Essie: "Good good."

Ouma: "Who's dead?"

Essie: "What?"

Ouma: "You never call and I don't have any money. Who kicked the bucket?"

Essie: "No one."

Ouma: "Are you pregnant?"

Essie: "NO!"

Ouma: "You should think about it. Every child is a gift from God, a little angel."

Essie: "I know, Ouma."

Ouma: "Except the little black ones, they steal."

Essie: "I'm hanging up now."

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