Sunday, May 2, 2010

Never pretend you know anything about cars and this is how i know

Like all women, I have 3 great hobbies: shopping, watching romantic comedies and being right about everything. So, after my good friend Matt explained to me what the probable causes to my car trouble was (he claims this is due to his years as a biker, but I'm pretty sure he googled it to get his man card back), I went down to the gas station to rectify the problem. This is how it went down.

Me (nonchalant): "Hi, yeah. My oil level is low and when I put the brakes on there is not enough left to register at the pump sender, and then when I am in park it is not creating enough pressure at the pump and the light comes on. So I need some oil. Like, now."

Amused Gas Station Man: "Ok, yeah, that sounds right. Must say we don't get a lot of women who know their cars in here."

Me: "Oh, really? Well, it is the twentieth century...feminism did happen, y'know."

Amused Gas Station Man: "Don't I know it. Just pop the front and we'll take a look."

Me (blank face)

Amused Gas Station Man: "Pop the hood, miss."

Me: "Um..."

Amused Gas Station Man (gesturing): "There should be a lever..."

Me (pops open gas cap)

Amused Gas Station Man: "Not that lever, miss."

Me (pops open trunk of car)

Amused Gas Station Man (leans into window and pops the hood underneath the steering wheel)

Me (still acting cool and authoritative, frantically starts playing with glove box)

Amused Gas Station Man (shows me the dipstick): "Yeah, here you go. How much do you want?"

Me: "Ummm..."

Amused Gas Sation Man: "I think you need about 2 cans."

Me: "Yeah..yeah...I think so too."

Amused Gas Station Man: "What kind do you want?"

Me (blank face): "There are different kinds?"

Amused Gas Station Man: "Yes, miss."

Me: "Which one does Tyra Banks use?"*

Amused Gas Station Man (thinking): "I think she'd go for the Helix."

Me: "Gimme 2 of that then." (whips out 400 bucks in small bills)

Amused Gas Station Man: "'ll be 26.50, Miss."


* She was right about tissue oil. I figured if anyone should know its her.

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  1. Well, While I'm happy that you got the problem fixed. I'm going to do some looking around for basic car care maintenance tips. I can appreciate that you were feeling high on your horse and impressed with yourself so we will see about showing that mechanic who's who next time you need some automobile care done. I'm proud of you though.