Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Ghost Whisperer

DW tried to be nice so he brought home a DVD, but it backfired because the DVD was called Pananormal Activity and now I don't go to the bathroom by myself anymore. I've also become convinced that the stable is haunted and the movie is concerning me because the demon in the movie wanted the woman's soul, and the boyfriend tried to stop it, but DW would throw me to the demon tied up no question. He'd probably draw the chalk pentagram on the floor and everything.

I've researched the problem by watching this other show called Ghost Whisperer that is about a woman who has big boobs and can also see dead people.

I wouldn't want to see dead people because they'd watch you in the shower. And they are gross. And now I don't want to shower either or go to the bathroom alone. Life was less complicated before TV.

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