Thursday, May 6, 2010

How am I not a widow yet?

My father-in-law Gert works for Yokohama tyres. As a token of respect, his Japanese clients gave him a box of unidentifiable pancakey treats. My father-in-law who is not at all stupid did not eat the pancakes but gave it to DW, who is stupid. DW immediatly proceeded to open the box, which had NO ENGLISH WRITING ON IT whatsoever. (I should explain that DW and I took Japanese lessons for a few months. I quit after a while because I'm lazy and also because I kept embaressing myself by mixing up the words for "city map" and "vagina"). He tore open the little blue packet of seasoning and sprinkled it over the pancakes and dug in.
Turns out that the little blue packet of seasoning wasn't seasoning.
You know those little packets of toxic balls that come in your shoeboxes to keep them smelling fresh. Yup.

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