Monday, June 7, 2010

Advice I would give myself at 21

Came across a picture of me hanging out with some Ukranian dudes and DW on UCT campus. If I could go back in's what I'd tell myself.
1. Remember that time DW put on your pink sweater and makeup “as a joke”? Don’t ignore that.
2. Yes, your roots are really noticeable. Dye them early, dye them often.
3. Don’t quit your job if you are unhappy. Jobs are scarce. Just go in and do it in a really half-assed way.
4. Summer break really is long enough to everything you want to when all you want to do are shots.
5. If you shave any part of your body, be prepared to keep shaving it for the rest of your life or it will itch like hell.
6. You can know nothing and ace a test.
7. Home is a great place to visit once you’ve moved out.
8. Some day it won’t matter whether your clothes have designer labels or not. All that will matter is that they don’t wrinkle when you scrunch them up in the cupboard.
9. The really hot, popular guy you so desperately wanted but couldn’t have is going to work at that pizza place for the rest of his life.
10. Do not make a sex tape. I’m serious on this one.

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