Monday, June 7, 2010

Really weird shit people are knitting

Back in school they made me knit a teddy bear and a doll and baby booties (which is kind of a conflicting message to a give a twelve year old - the same age they start teaching you sex ed). So I don't know much about it. This is really awesome though. The first picture is of a custom-made voodoo dick. All you do is provide the company with the guy who pissed you off's name and they'll embroider his name on it (and presumably say a voodoo curse or chant or something over it...we hardly covered ANY black magic in needlepoint class).
The second picture is a Willie Warmer. Apparently Dapper Dick is not the only one who likes to dress up his schlong. You can order it shaped like an elephant (ambitious), a cock (as in a rooster, silly) or any other animal that catches your fancy. I really think this trend is going to totally change how we look at men. What does your dickwear say about YOU?

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