Saturday, June 19, 2010


I called my dad to let him know I’ve put up a post for him on the blog. Here’s his reaction (I don’t know what I was expecting).
ESSIE: “Hey, Daddy.”
DAD (long silence)
ESSIE: “Hello?”
DAD: “Your mom’s gone out.”
ESSIE: “I know. She’s at my house, Dad.”
DAD (long silence): “Oh.”
ESSIE: “I just wanted to let you know I’ve put a message up for you on my blog.”
DAD (long silence): “Your block?”
ESSIE: “No b-l-o-g. Blog. It’s that thing I write on the internet?”
DAD: “You wrote a book?”
ESSIE: “NO, it’s on the internet.”
DAD: “You getting paid?”
ESSIE: “No, it’s for fun.”
DAD: “What does it cost?”
ESSIE: “It’s FREE, dad, it’s free, anyone can put one up. You can put one up.”
DAD: “I already have a job.”
ESSIE: “It’s not a job. It’s FOR FUN.”
DAD: “Why did I pay for college if you are spending all your time having fun? I coulda’ sent you to clown college. Then we’d all be having fun.”
ESSIE: “OK, daddy, nice talking to you. I’m gonna go now, OK?”
DAD: “OK.”


  1. inchi pinchi

    my dad is very similar!

  2. Nice, that's about where my dad is at with mine too.