Monday, June 7, 2010

Yet another why I probably should've have bought a house and not a stable to live in

I don't like to publish pictures of myself sleeping on the Internet...not anymore anyways. Not since the incident. But after many hours of sleeplessness I got bored and filmed myself. The reason why I'm sleeping like this is because the roof is leaking RIGHT ABOVE MY GODDAMN HEAD. DW knew about this, and he told me he fixed it. When I felt the water pissing down on my head at 1 am, I got a torch and investigated, remembering suddenly what his definition of "fixing it" is. He had pasted a piece of duct tape over the leak. The duct tape now collects the water in large amounts. When the water gets too heavy for the duct tape, it gently tilts towards my pillow and pours out.

I just thought I'd share that with you guys. Although this picture came out strangely "halo-ey", kinda like when there is an afterlife sequence on a soap opera. So now I'm worried the water shortcircuited my laptop and electrocuted me to death.

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