Wednesday, June 30, 2010

The Story of what's on my desk

Hello adoring fans!

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Amogh is a really cool Indian guy I met online and immediately gave all my personal details to. (So if I disappear mysteriously and there is blood all over my apartment, this is one of the prime suspects you should be looking into. You’re welcome, FBI.) He’s currently doing his MBA and watching a lot of soccer. Please leave him some awesome comments because I warned him that if the guest post sucks he will be devoured by flying monkeys. No shit, y’all. I’ll do it.

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If you people are thinking why this dumbo’s post posted here is on this amazing hilarious blog then you should probably join the bloggerstock! Hahaha Let me thank Estelle for letting me post here. I'm Amogh, human (if you were just wondering), from the land of samosas, unexplainable culture, kamasutra and many other awesome things which are yet to be discovered. I blog at Cloned warrior which is no theme as I write whatever I like and sometimes I even manage to write something good.
So if you are wondering what bloggerstock is? Well, it’s a brainchild of some of the members on 20SB to pair the bloggers around into a chain were each writes posts for other’s blog. It could be said that it’s a cool way to get yourself known, show what you can contribute on a given topic or maybe for getting some new followers. You can read more about it here and join our cool group here.

This month’s (June) topic is: “The story of what is on your ‘desk’.”
Do you really want to know about it! Ok, so let me indulge you. I really don’t have a desk. Well, I used to have one. But I gave it away as I never used it and it was occupying unwanted space in my already tiny room. It used to look like this!

When I used to have this desk it was the messiest place in my home.
Mother: “when are you going to clean your desk?”
Me: I’ll right now I'm busy!
Mother: why are your belt and jeans lying all over your desk?
Me: I don’t have enough space in my wardrobe!
Mother: you have to clear your wardrobe too!
Me: ok, ok I’ll do it!
Mother: when?
Me: whenever I get time.

Well, in the end my mother just gives up and tidy them herself.
Now, I occupy the couch with my laptop and wile my time away Facebooking, youtubing, chatting and doing all those other trivial things I do on World Wide Web. Most of my study material comes in the form of .pdf/.doc hence all my study time is spent on it to such an extent that my laptop has almost become a part of my body and my lap is my new desk.
But this little brain here has dreams too and I want a desk just like this when I grow up!

If I haven’t already!
PS: hope the flying monkeys don’t kill me!


  1. I love the new desk amogh! I hope I haven't grown up too! Ima toys r us kid forever?!

  2. i don't know how much it will cost? i'm just assuming that my firm will give me something like this so that i'm productive.
    So, my future employers if you are reading this, do you get my drift! coz i know by that time this blog will be the next big thing!

  3. You could get a lego desk. Then when you get tired of it, you could easily rebuild it into the current style...
    I am a genius! (and I spelled genius wrong the first time.... lol)

  4. You just had to mention samosas, didn't you?

    I'd kill for a samosa right now.