Thursday, June 24, 2010

Skype fights

I was on skype trying to explain my Obama-theories to my friend Dee. She didn't get it.

DEE: "You do seem to know a lot about politics. Why aren't you married to Matthew yet?"

ESSIE: "KK. Skyping you something."

DEE: "Wtf is this?"

ESSIE: "It's an illustration I made to explain the situation and also to show off my MS Paint skills."

DEE: "Your handwriting is fucking ugly for someone with mad paint skills."

ESSIE: "That's what it normally looks like."

DEE: "Matt looks like Fred Flintstone."

ESSIE: "Not in real life. But now I'm kinda into Flintstone Matt."
DEE: "It really has been a while."

ESSIE: "But anyway, here's the truth of the situation"

DEE: "Texas isn't 10 000 miles away. And you've never worn a bow in your life."

ESSIE: "I am making this face...
DEE: "LOL...that makes you look like Wilma Flintstone..."

DEE: "Why don't I get a proper face?"

ESSIE: "You don't deserve it."

DEE: "Draw me as Pebbles. Draw me with a face."

ESSIE: "No. If I draw you with a face, you'll never learn."

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