Sunday, June 13, 2010

Stephanie Meyer is full of shit

I read somewhere that Stephanie Meyer came up with the idea of the Twilight series because she had a dream about it, so I was really psyched last night when I had a dream that I was enslaved by a bunch of vampires and the good vampires were helping me escape, because I thought (mid-dream) that I could turn it into a cash cow. It was really exciting because I was fleeing the city and their evil minions were chasing me (these cool demon-like entitites). But then I ended up rocking up in this really bizarre city and opened up a physiotherapy studio, and decorated the place with old towels and sent the vampires "Wish you were here" postcards from different cities to confuse them.

So I know Stephanie Meyer is full of shit.I can't be the only one that dreams like this.

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