Thursday, June 3, 2010

Hyundai: nr 1 provider of geese

The good news: A couple years ago, the City of Cape Town tried to build an overpass to relieve the much-congested traffic.
The bad news: Unfortunatly, they didn't have enough money to complete it.
The good news: In order to get the money, a very clever statesman decided to rent the bridge to movie companies. The movie companies could shoot chase scenes on the uncompleted road without disturbance.
The bad news: The city of Cape Town made so much money from the movies, they decided not to complete the road and traffic still sucks.
In celebration of the world cup, Hyundai decided to erect a 30m long vuvuzela (or stadium horn) on the overpass. Every time a goal is scored in Cape Town, the vuvuzela will be sounded. I don't know HOW it be sounded. Perhaps President Jacob Zuma himself will blow it, as he is full of hot air. All I know is that the average vuvuzela does more damage to a human eardrum than a giant loudspeaker, so presumably it was not thought through. Also, Hyundai wrote: "Hyundai brings the gees" on the side of the giant horn. Gees, of course, means "spirit" or "team spirit" in Afrikaans. Unfortunatly, I'm sure many a tourist will be baffled as to what geese Hyaundi would be bringing to the mother city.
Mr Jacques Geertze from Hyundai said this morning: "We believe it may be the biggest vuvuzela in the world."
I'm pretty sure he's right on that may also be the stupidest thing Hyundai has ever spent on, except of course for the Hyundai Atos.

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