Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Proving everyone can have at least one fan

DW has got a fan apparently.

Dear DW Fan,

Thank you for your fan mail. You should know that DW is only hilarious if you don't live with him. Or near him, where he can destroy your stuff and go around embaressing you collecting by bull semen and eating balls and stuff. (A lot of what he does has to do with weeners. I think its called the Oediphus complex. That thing where you want to have sex with your mother, but when you do you have to cut out your eyes. I'm not sure. As you can tell, I am completely normal and have no knowledge of disturbing psychological conditions. Except OCD, which I have a mild case of. And co-dependancy. And sometimes I hallucinate that evil bunnies want to kill me)

DW can be fairly stingy and he is an inept handyman.
Also he killed a bunch of orphans.
And Batman's parents.

OK...not really. I just don't like competition. It's my blog, goddamnit.

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