Tuesday, June 8, 2010

More sex toys that are ruining my childhood memories

Not only did one of my totally disturbed friends send me a really disturbing Miss Piggy/Kermit sex video link, I also had to ruin my fondest childhood memories by stumbling across the this weird gay dildo/butt toy that looks disturbingly like that Chef on the Muppets. Then, when I sent it around I was positively flooding with links to shit so disturbing I nearly converted to Catholicism in order to cleanse myself of it (but I found out Catholics aren't allowed to look weird sex toys on the Internet. Why does anyone become a Catholic?). Three words guys: Asian Squid Porn (not as disturbing as Pregnant UFO Porn). I also found a site that sells "vulva-scented perfume". It's not called Aqua Vulva, although I feel this is surely an oversight.

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