Friday, June 25, 2010

Why I don't have any friends left

ESSIE: "How can you not like Barack Obama?"

DEE: "He's not doing enough for unemployment and he's taking prayer out of schools. And he's kind of a douche."

ESSIE: "Don't say that about Barack. He's my baby-daddy."

DEE: "Whoever gave you Internet access should be punished."

ESSIE: "Not liking Barack Obama is like not liking Raptor Jesus. It's unthinkable."

DEE: "Can we please change the subject? Also, you only made up Raptor Jesus 10 minutes ago."

ESSIE: "Fine."

DEE (long silence): "So it's been a year since Michael Jackson died..."


DEE: "Fuck's sake..."


  1. You're hilarious!

  2. I think it's been confirmed. you are going to have to marry a guy that looks like Marilyn Manson or MJ. Any sexy man you may procreate with will only give you a funny looking baby, a la giant forehead barack baby. Is that baby wearing braces?