Friday, June 11, 2010

Soccer: it's like tranvestism, only not

The World Cup Soccer is kicking off today in my hometown.
South Africa is playing against Mexico tonight, but it's hard to get excited because we have the worst soccer team in the whole world. And all day long people have been annoying me with flags, trumpets and that general team spirit that I so loathe. My colleague Kat has labelled me a "Soccer Scrooge" so I spent the day shaking my fist at passing merry-makers and saying "Bah humbug". It's surprisingly entertaining but then I remembered that he got visited by 3 ghosts and now I'm terrified. I don't want to see my future, which is both lonely and rife with zombies.
But then I totally managed to annoy DW by teaching myself how to play the stadium horn, and now I've got the ayoba spirit (which is not an evil spirit, like that one that took possession of DW's ball).

PS. The title of this blog refers to one of my minions explaining soccer to me as: "It's simple. Put the ball in the net." Which is how someone explained tranvestism to me.

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  1. actually my mother quoted that when i asked her if she knew anything about football. i guess she is a no nonsense lady!