Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Happy International Vagina Day!

(on phone to girlfriend)

Essie: "Happy International Vagina Day!"

Dee: "What?"

Essie: "It's international vagina day on June 15th. I woke up and I just KNEW I was forgetting something."

Dee: "Really?

Essie: "What? You didn't get me a card??"

Dee: "I'm not sure Hallmark makes those yet..."

Essie: "This is the worst Vagina day ever."

Dee: "Fine. Does the card go to you or your hooha?"

Essie: "I think...both. I even found this bakery that makes rainbow vagina cupcakes."

Dee: "What am I suppose to write inside?"

Essie: "I saw one online that said "My love for you is dear and true, unlike your clitoris, which i am not sure even exists."

Dee: "Speaking of...isn't it DW's birthday today?"

Essie (pause): "Crap."


  1. cheers!

    are those really vagina cupcakes?

  2. You really do need to lose your virginity, man :P

    Nah, I'm kinding. yes, those are vagina cupcakes!!!

  3. im a patient guy! my time will come! hahaha

  4. omg... I saw your profile on 20sb and this was the first post I saw of yours! TOO FUNNY! Love your sense of humor... hope your cat doesn't eat you. Have a great day!