Thursday, June 10, 2010

Kids ruin your stuff and your hooha but don't take my word for it

Bianca from work's little 1-yr old girl is not feeling well and her older brother (4) is feeling upset about it, so he was feeding the candy he had gotten for his birthday and it made me all broody. Now that Gary Coleman is dead I've decided that kids may be coolest short people in the world. Aside from Michael J Fox. I think I might like to have a kid but then I found a web site called Shit my kids ruined.
Also then I spoke to my friends with babies about it and asked them what shit their kids have ruined and about 3 of them said, "My vagina" so now I'm on the fence about the whole thing.


  1. I've heard the vagina goes back after a year or so. Is this just a lie other women have told me to get me to calm down about childbirth? Quite possibly! Kids are awesome short people though!

  2. The only other short person I can think of is Snooki from Jersey Shore... and so I agree - yay kids.

    But the vagina thing definitely wigs me out. I'm told that never goes back to normal ... so c-section? Surely enough neosporin can minimize the scar! ;-) I kid - there is no anti-scar solution last I heard!

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  3. my mums favourite ineffective guilt trip is "you guys ripped me to shreds." its amazing how thats her explanation for everything "go make me some tea. you have to because you guys ripped me to shreds," or "come take off my shoes. you have to because you guys ripped me to shreds."
    i guess what im saying is there is even an upside to the vagina ruining, you can use it for guilting the offspring later in life.
    except i usually tell my mum that i didnt ask to be born and to take off her own damn shoes. but thats just me.