Tuesday, June 8, 2010

My Blog can kick your blog's ass

Just for curiosity's sake I clicked around Blogger.com and look at some of my neighbor blogs. Here are the most disturbing ones. Please feel free to rip them to shreds and mock them.

1. Po Bro. When I saw the caption "Look Jamie is pitching a tent!" I thought it might be like that site http://www.awkwardboners.com/ but then I saw it was an actual tent and that it was really about poor black people camping and speaking Japanese. I'm confused.

2. La Bella Vita. The caption says: READ HER RAMBLINGS ON FRIENDS, FAMILY, BOOKS, UNIVERSITY, BOYFRIENDS, BOOZE, BULIMIA AND REALISE WITH HER THAT THIS IS STILL A BEAUTIFUL LIFE. I don't understand how all this depressing shit is supposed to make me realize that it's still a beautiful life. Reading this blog kinda made me want to kill myself, and not in a sexy way.

3. Fuzzy Little Children.Its about a woman who uploads up close pictures of her child’s noses and talks about the shit they do at school. Unfortunately her children don’t have even vaguely interesting psychotic tendencies. And they aren’t fuzzy either.

4. Little Larsons.Another family blog. But I think they are in some sort of weird cult because they all dress funny.

5. Birdy by the Bay. I don’t know what this shit is about. Birds, probably.

6. Tales from the Veggie Garden. Only the veggies are children, and there is no garden.

7.This blog rocks. Endomental. She just posts weird shit she finds online. I love it and intend to steal from her for many days to come.

8.Intimidating Technical shit. Not the site's real name, but I can't remember it.

9.Daltronica. AWESOME illustrations of weird amoebe-like stuff that supposed to be candy.

10. Ipoh Malaysian Tekken Scene. If you are into that kinda thing.

11. Electric Goldfish. Thoughts on Geekery. Ahsum. Includes a “Monsters of Shamisen Video”.

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  1. Endomental is awesome! I love the pic of aquaman vs BP!