Wednesday, June 9, 2010

My Future Wedding Dress

If ever I get married again - let's face it, you've all met DW - I think this is what I'll wear.
1. No risk of stepping on it.
2. Instead of playing the demure bride, your face will be constantly lit up by the handy built-in spotlights
3.The photographer always wants to take a photo against a white backdrop. Now you have a handy, built-in white background, instead of scrambling around looking for a white wall.
4. I've always wanted to get married in a designer dress. (My previous dress was second-hand and I got it for 30 US dollars. I think maybe someone died in it. )
5. You can re-use the dress as a theatre back-drop or rent it to someone with a travelling puppet show.
6. If you don't go anywhere sunny on honeymoon, you can adjust the settings so it becomes a tanning lamp.
7. You'll always have the amusing memory of your husband trying to get you out of it on your wedding night.
8. Need curtains for your new home? Bingo.

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