Wednesday, June 9, 2010

My spouse is Weirder than Yours Part IV

Here's another gay club picture of DW. I have peace and quiet for the next few days because he is going to Namibia for a week or so. We were discussing the trip this morning.

DW: "We're going hunting."
Essie: "K."
DW: "Yeah it's going to awesome. I'll you pictures of me eating testicles."
Essie (looks up from magazine and stares at him)
DW: "That's what you do."
Essie: "I think you are supposed to eat the heart."
DW: "It varies from culture to culture."
Essie: " balls?"
DW: "You absorb the strength of the animals."
Essie: "Can't be THAT strong if you killed it."
DW: "You don't understand hunting, do you?"
Essie: "Apparently not."

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