Thursday, June 24, 2010

I'm a baby-making factory

My mother and I were debating DW and she said she thinks we would have had pretty babies. I argued with her so we ended up on to see what our future kids would look like.

RESULT ONE: Me & DW having a baby

This baby looks like a little tyrant I used to babysit. So I tried to have an Asian baby with DW. I'm not sure how that happens but the site gave us the option and besides I figured if Im going to reproduce I should at least try to give my child some DNA that can do Math.

RESULT TWO: Having an Asian Baby with DW

It came out kinda looking like a squid. And Kim Jong-il. In fact this baby is what would happen if Kim Jong-il and that giant squid off the coast of California had a celebrity baby.

Then I decided to have an illegitimate love child with my friend Mattie, who has not been persuaded to marry me yet.

RESULT THREE: Having a love child with Mattie to trap him into marrying me. (We ended up having the Gerber baby. Yes Mattie. I slept with Gerber. It's your own fault for neglecting me and living in a shitty place like Texas. I have needs.)

After all the freakishness I decided: Fuck It. And had a baby with Marilyn Manson instead. Surprisingly enough he turned out FINE which just disproves everything we know about parenting. Suck it, Dr Phil.

RESULT FOUR: Having a baby with Marilyn Manson


  1. why are Asians always chinki? hey we indians too do exist in asia! what about us?

  2. Result One looks like a baby that knows too much. A wise face, that one has.

  3. I definitely think No. 3 is the cutest computer generated option, so sorry, but I think you're stuck breeding with Marilyn Manson.

    Although if this technology is fallible (and what are the odds of that?) your options open back up a bit.

  4. Oh Em Gee. I am so going on this website and playing around. I wonder if they just randomly pick a baby, or if they really examine your faces and match one. Hmm... I wana play anyway!

    I'm following youuuu!